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It is time for AHAVA HOT YOGA to reopen---and we need your help to make that happen!


As many of you know, Ahava Hot Yoga was based in Clarksville, TN, and in the height of our studio's success, we were unfortunately forced to close our doors after months of being temporarily closed, due to the outlook of the pandemic at the time (in 2020). Since then, we have been working other jobs and have been unable to raise the amount of money needed to re-open. It has been on our hearts for awhile to connect with our community and have decided now is the right time to put fear in the backseat and move forward with our dreams and yours!

So we have decided now is the time to re-open! 

BUT in order to re-open, we need the support of our community, otherwise it just won't be possible. 


If we can pre-sell just 150 memberships via fundraiser, we can re-open!!!

(If we are unable to meet this goal within 30 days, we will refund everything that was donated---

but we know we are going to be able to do this!)

We appreciate any and all contributions, any amount you are able, however large or small! When we open, here is what you will receive for the amount that you donate (feel free to leave a comment with your donation). 

$15 Donation: Single Class

$100 Donation: 30-Day Membership

$120 Donation: 10-Class Pass

$240 Donation: 3-Month Membership

$720 Donation: 12-Month Membership

How much is your full goal? We need to raise a minimum of $15,000 in order to re-open! If we receive just 150 donations at $100 each, we will reach our goal! This is very attainable!! This amount will give us the ability to open with the bare minimum of what it takes to run and operate a full hot yoga studio! If you can donate more, that is amazing, and will certainly help us reach our goal more quickly!! If you can only make a small contribution, that is amazing and appreciated, too, and it is the energetic significance and support that means so much, regardless of the amount given! We appreciate your support!

Where will Ahava Hot Yoga be located? In Clarksville, TN, in the vicinity of Tiny Town / Trenton Rd / Needmore / Ft Campbell Blvd area. When we reach our goal and secure a location, we will make that announcement!

When will Ahava Hot Yoga be open? We are aiming for Fall/Winter 2022!

Who is going to be teaching at Ahava? You already know Billy Barefoot Yogi and Padma Dharmata are invested full-time! We also have several other amazing instructors that we will be reaching out to, some new and some familiar, who we would love to have join us once this is a reality!

How many classes will Ahava offer? We plan on offering a full schedule of morning, evening, and weekend classes!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, or send us a text at 931.472.4410. Thank you!


Billy Barefoot Yogi & Padma Dharmata 



Raised: $4,455

Goal: $15,000

Check back regularly for updates!