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Bare Yogis School of Yoga offers yoga for EVERY BODY---specializing in yoga that is accessible to all bodies, shapes, and sizes, all genders, beliefs, and backgrounds! Founders Billy Barefoot Yogi and Padma Dharmata are pioneers of breaking the yoga mold, helping to shatter the false narrative that yoga is only for a select few. Yoga is for every body, and every person can benefit from the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of what yoga is TRULY meant to be. Join us for a physical yoga practice, guided meditation, yoga teacher training, online course, or a conversation on life and beyond. This yoga is for YOU



This is a great and intentionally affordable course, in order to become a registered yoga teacher or to deepen your yoga practice and spiritual journey. Lives will be changed! Awakening and yoga should never be expensive and out of reach financially.


Who are the Bare Yogis?

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Billy Barefoot Yogi

Billy Barefoot Yogi was born to a military family, which offered him the adventure of knowing many different homes at a young age, and led to his discovery of a vast inward stillness upon experiencing the endless woods of Alaska. His journey in life led him to a practice of meditation and yoga, which he combined with his passion for music, and became a pioneer of hot yoga, meditation, and satsang in the Ft Campbell, KY/TN area. He has since been teaching for 12+ years, and has trained many yoga instructors, including Padma Dharmata.

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Padma Dharmata

Padma Dharmata discovered yoga at the age of 16, and it vastly transformed her life, mind, and body over the years. Upon meeting Billy Barefoot Yogi in 2012, her yoga journey was amplified and became the focal point of her own life, including healing her many past traumas. Padma trained and studied to become a yoga teacher in order to share healing and powerful transformations with the world---knowing that each person has this same power within themselves. Padma has taught yoga for 10+ years, and has trained many yoga instructors.

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