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Bare Yogis is seeking energetic and motivated individuals to join our team! We are looking for:
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Bare Yogis offers an eclectic and unique array of yoga classes and programs---we want to continue to create classes that reach all dynamics of life! In that, we have space for yoga teachers who feel that they have something to add to Bare Yogis! Our yoga is about community and inclusiveness. There are a few technological requirements, but you do not have to be technologically savvy! We do provide training where it comes to the tech requirements, but you should be certified in your area, or experienced. (If you're not certified, and would like to be trained and certified as a yoga teacher, click here!) To apply for this position, click Apply Now!


Bare Yogis would love to offer a variety of content to our subscribers, so we have lots of room for classes and videos other than yoga and meditation! You do not  have to be a yoga teacher to join our team. This includes, but is not limited to: nutritional talks, energy work classes, mindfulness techniques, spiritual-based practices, fitness classes, and many other things that we probably couldn't even dream of coming up with! If it fits the Bare Yogis vibe, aligns with our vision, and can benefit our students, then we want to hear your ideas! These can be classes, talks, workshops, or 21-Day Programs! Requires some technology; tech training provided where needed!!


Bare Yogis is seeking individuals to help promote our online programs! This is open to a variety of ideas and avenues, and how you spread the word is up to you! Some options include social media posts, word of mouth, hanging posters, and so much more! We provide a special signup code to share, as well as graphics and posters that can be printed, and our promoters are paid per person that signs up with their special code! This position can be as creative as you are! For people who love to talk about amazing things and amazing products, this is the position for you! Click Apply Now!


Periodically, Bare Yogis will have openings for positions that can vary greatly. Occasionally, we have the need for an assistant, or a roadie when we travel. When we set up events and tour dates (conferences, retreats, festivals, in-person classes ad workshops, etc.), we will need assistance with set up, event guides, cleanup, and so much more! This is a great way to get involved with Bare Yogis on a personal level and do work that ultimately promotes the greater good, and helps us to reach people! We are also looking for event hosts, as we would like to set up yoga classes and workshop events in many areas!

Bare Yogis Online Yoga Studio does not discriminate based on any quality of race, color, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, identification, body type, shape or size, fitness level, age, religious or faith beliefs or backgrounds, national origin, marital status, disability, military status, professionalism or education, or even experience or knowledge of yoga in any of its activities or operations.