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Beyond Comprehension

The IDEA of god is so very far from the REALITY of what God is. Most imagine that God is some man or being in the sky, guiding or controlling things. Waiting for right or wrong so that he can reward or punish accordingly… A being who answers prayers, as if a genie for the righteous and deserving. But God isn’t in the form of our human-ness or our limited ideas, and is so very beyond these concepts.

People personify god—but god is not a person.

God isn’t a BEING—god IS the beingNESS.

God isn’t “everywhere at once”—no, God IS the everywhereNESS!

Some say God “knows all things”—no, God IS the KNOWING of all things. Infinite connectedness.

No one can “see the face of God”—not because it is hidden, but because the face of God is not the face of a man or a human or some tangible thing. God is faceless, because God IS the existenceNESS of everything and nothing, and the space in-between.

In our infinite search for meaning, there’s not some force waiting to condemn our life choices, but pure beingness that is there in full grace, beyond comprehension, when we surrender. Not in some distant future, but here now. Always.

There is no separate-ness. We only feel disconnected because we identify ourselves as being a separate force, as our mind—our human ideas—tells us something other than reality. But you are THAT.

It’s not to say “I am god” because that would not fully be correct—but that “I am a part of God”, just as we are a part of our mother. In that, we are always connected, never separate, except by our own mind. But in full surrender, when we drop our mind, when we drop the “I”, when we drop our own will and wanting, God is *there*. The EXPERIENCE of God is there. It is almost deceptive to call God “god” as if some separate being. But rather, embrace the God-Experience, as it is.

This is why all that can be said of God is: “I AM.”


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