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Reclaim Who You Are

For some time now, I’ve had to step out of view. I’ve had to stop writing and sharing details of my journey—what I used to share with the world as a writer and a yogi, I’ve put on the back burner for over 2 years. It honestly felt like I lost a part of myself, but also really allowed me to be introspective and to take some time. Especially as life became a whirlwind. What felt like a never-ending court battle. Being stalked on social media, and my openness being used against me. All to find out the truth of the situation, winning the court battle, at a great cost. It took my child’s failed (thankfully) suīcïde attempt for the courts to finally pay attention to our pleas and make a change for her to permanently be home with us! This period of time then was filled with immense healing focus, and lots of therapy. They’re doing amazing now, by the way! Trauma is always a lot to work through, and I’m being somewhat vague because that part is also not fully my story to tell. But as a parent, let me tell you, I’ve been through it. That’s just the surface. Then I also broke my foot, had a firecracker accident and severely burned my hand, struggled financially hardcore and had to work odd jobs. Found out I was pregnant in what was a miracle, yet high-risk-for-miscarriage pregnancy, and DURING the divinely-miraculously-perfect pregnancy, contracted Covid early on, then at 5 months pregnant took a hard fall directly on my stomach (an ER trip deemed everything ok!), at 7 months pregnant got into a car wreck (everything ok again), came down with Covid AGAIN, and finally just stayed at home until I had the baby. 🤣 Anyways, I write this all to say one thing: it has been a ROUGH couple of years—but so much beauty has come of it, and I have two children who are very much alive today, and a life circumstance that I am SO freed from. I very much feel like myself in my soul again and am taking steps every day to re-open that canister of flowing words that I locked up a couple years ago. Not only that, but I’m also here to remind you that no matter what you’ve been through in your life, KEEP GOING. No matter what. Life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, despite our wishes. Some things are hard as hell, and some things break us to our soul. But nothing lasts forever, and those things too will pass! On the other side is joy, though it’s hard to feel that way in those hard moments. I also say all of this to say: healing is a journey. Sometimes a long journey.

I ALSO write all of this to say: My calling is yoga, and writing. So I am BACK and will be teaching yoga again soon. And I hope to never be silenced again, however temporary. (I hope to be able to write my full story soon—one day it’ll be a book, if I ever get it finished!) If you need healing, are on a hard-as-hell journey, or just need to de-stress (who doesn’t?), then stay tuned for some yoga classes and more, because there is a LOT to come. 🥰🎉❤️


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