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A unique 12-Step UNprogram utilizing yoga and meditation!
Transform your life!
This program is 100% Online!
Recover from everything you are not.
Begin today at no cost.
100% Donation-Based
This unique program, developed by Billy Barefoot Yogi (as Mystica Yoga Studio), is a 12-Step UNprogram geared toward alcoholism and substance abuse recovery, but can also be used for pornography addiction, gambling, co-dependency issues, body image issues, food addiction, eating disorders, anger issues, smoking, excessive shopping, cell phone and technology addiction, workaholism, and much more! This course is 100% confidential, and anyone is welcome to enroll as anonymously as they wish! This course is available to anyone of the general public, regardless of background, race, gender, financial ability, etc. This course is available at no cost---though if you find the program helpful to you and would like to make a donation to support the program, you may do so here.
This course contains 36 powerful lecture videos that move step-by-step through the process of recovery, plus 16 mini-documentaries on all of the tools and practices utilized in this course. Also included in this course is unlimited email support with the option of additional video/phone support with Billy Barefoot Yogi.
This course is also available as a workshop for Continuing Education hours for those who are certified yoga teachers, and would like to certify in 12-Step Recovery through yoga. If you are wishing to certify in 12-Step Recovery, this course is available at a cost of $129 and counts toward 20 non-contact educational hours, and 10 contact educational hours. Or, for those who are not yoga teachers and would like to become certified as 12-Step Recovery coaches, the course is also available for certification at the cost of $129.

Bare Yogis is a registered yoga school with Yoga Alliance and member since 2013.