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Satsang is the practice of coming together for a community conversation on spiritual awakening and higher consciousness, with the focus being to overcome our daily life obstacles. This conversation tends to be a very real discussion on the very real issues that we face! Join us for a satsang, either in person with a live class, a live-streaming class, video, or private session.

And... as it should be --- our community isn't focused on being a business. It's about the heart and accessibility. So we prefer to operate as a donation-based studio, so our teaching and your practice can be exactly what it's supposed to be. 

Join us for a live-streaming meditation and satsang session! Our online community comes together for these real-life conversations about how to apply spiritual awakening to our daily life!

Utilize our collection of online satsang videos, and find the topic that suits your interests! Whether that be to connect to higher consciousness, release stress, heal trauma, or more!

If you find yourself wanting or needing more personal one-on-one instruction, revolving around specific physical, mental, or spiritual needs, book a one-on-one yoga session with one of our teachers!

Satsang Schedule
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