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Billy Barefoot Yogi

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I initially found Yoga over 40 years ago through music and the Beatles cover art to their Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band album. I would later discover that same “yoga” again from an experience that I had in the forest of Alaska and subsequently through other experiences as a young child and teenager. As I grew up and naturally began to contemplate the nature of God, existence, and The Universe, many more experiences came forth in moments where I was in church, alone, in nature, and even at night during sleep. Up until 2010 I would have never thought any of these experiences were related, or could be called, a part of Yoga. 

But after having a dream of a yogi saint by the name of Paramahansa Yogananda, and later discovering his book in a local bookstore, I began to see the correlation of all things as the One Energy of the Universe! And Yoga became my path to realizing the deeper aspects of this oneness. 


It was then that I began to study the ancient science of yoga as a way of healing the mind, body, and spirit and realizing our truest Self! It is at that point that I turned both my attention inward to discover these truths within myself, and outward to teach those around me a way beyond their own suffering and identity crisis.

Throughout the years I have continued to have profound experiences of awakening, visions, and dreams of Christian, Buddhist, and Yogi saints, and have been able to see the correlations of all religions and philosophies and of all people, regardless of gender, orientation, race, belief system, culture, or background, as beings that come from the One True Source, The One Love, The One True Unconceptualized God. Yoga is an amazing ancient science that can guide anyone, and everyone, into their own heart space to discover these truths within themselves, relieving them of suffering, anxiety, stress, worry, hatred, and all of the other delusions that come along with being a human. And the most profound side effect of this ancient science is obtaining an amazing level of both physical fitness as specifically needed for your body, and the deep relaxation of a mind that is specific to you!

All of this is accomplished by simply showing up and practicing this profound science of deep breathing, physical posture’s, and letting go of the things that serve you no purpose. Yoga does not teach any specific belief system nor does it worship any specific deity. Yoga meets you right where you are: physically, mentally, and spiritually. So whether you are a Christian, a Pagan, an Atheist, or something entirely different, you are not only more than welcome here, but you will fit right in just fine! Because the ultimate truth does not seek to change anyone from the outside in, but from the inside out and this “inside” only belongs to you and God. The science of yoga can be summed up in a famous Christian proverb: Be still and know that I am God. My job here is all of the above, as well as to give you the much-needed moment of just being quiet within your own being. 

My classes have a tendency to be very powerful, motivating, and introspective. They are also fun, energizing, and deeply relaxing. Come and meet me on the mat and we will meet, not a strangers, but as brothers and sisters.


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