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Yoga is an incredible practice for the mind, body, and spirit, and can benefit every person! Billy and Padma have been teaching powerful and accessible yoga for 12+ years, reaching tens of thousands of students, in studios and online. Our focus has never been "typical" Western yoga, which tends to focus more on trends, flexibility, acrobatics, etc. Rather, our focus is on the true heart of yoga---that yoga is for every BODY, and meets every person exactly where they are at. Physical postures not required. Our classes incorporate breathwork (pranayama), physical movement (asana), and ends in savasana (guided meditation). Modifications are offered for all levels, as needed.

And... as it should be --- our yoga isn't about money. It's about the heart and accessibility. So we prefer to operate as a donation-based studio, so our teaching and your practice can be exactly what it's supposed to be. 

Join us for an in-person or live-streaming class!

Our physical studio is located behind our home, in the Indian Hills area of Hopkinsville, KY! Address provided upon booking.

Utilize our collection of online yoga videos, and find exactly the class that suits your needs! We have a variety of classes from gentle to active, from modified to advanced---and we are adding more videos soon!

If you find yourself wanting or needing more personal one-on-one instruction, revolving around specific physical, mental, or spiritual needs, book a one-on-one yoga session with one of our teachers!

Class Schedule




Sundays 10AM CST:
Raja Hot Yoga
w/ Padma

Live Stream

Sundays 530PM CST:
Raja Hot Yoga
w/ Padma & Billy

In-Person, Alternating Teacher

Sundays 700PM CST:
Meditation & Satsang
w/ Billy

Live Stream

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