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Padma Dharmata

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Padma Dharmata's inner yoga journey was cultivated throughout her childhood, through much external hardship and spiritual abuse, as she found ways to turn inward and seek the "what else". She was introduced to physical yoga postures at the age of 16 through the Oxygen Channel's Inhale yoga program with Steve Ross. She felt an instant connection to what was being practiced and taught, and was intrigued at the mentions of ancient yoga practices and beliefs, though most of the practice was revolved around lively music and having fun with the postures. Months later, the program was cancelled and she began her journey of seeking yoga in many places far and wide, in order to fill that void---often driving many towns over to various YMCA gyms, seeking out yoga practices and teachers, and searching for any yoga DVD that was available, all much to her dismay, as she was still not finding that deep heartfelt connection she found originally. In 2012, after years of passive searching, she was invited to a new nearby hot yoga studio to attend a class with a friend. Her friend didn't show, but Padma decided to take the class anyway, and experienced the profound connection she had been seeking for almost 7 years---the teacher, unknowingly spoke her own thoughts out loud during the class, reflecting her own need for self-healing and self-love. She continued to take classes, finally connecting mentally, physically, and spiritually through her yoga practice, and even began to make light years of progress in being able to heal and to let go of early hardships and traumatic experiences, with the help of her newfound yoga teacher, Billy Barefoot Yogi.

Padma soon was volunteering at the yoga studio, dedicating time each day to her practice and service to others, and soon had committed to training to become a yoga teacher. Her training consisted of early morning training sessions, twice daily classes, and lots of self-study---what would be an intense training to most people, but she was hungry for the growth, the healing, and the change. Upon completing her training, Billy and Padma joined forces and have spent the most recent ten years as yoga partners, leading yoga classes, studios, and teacher trainings to countless students who are now all over the world. It is Padma's hope to continue this journey, and find a way to connect with those who are also searching for their own answers and self-healing in life. 

Padma is currently in the process of writing a self-published autobiography, which explores her journey and growth from an abusive and oppressive religious childhood, including living in a cult, dealing with early onset anxiety as a child and culminating as an adult, healing from abuse, healing from post-traumatic stress, experiencing awakening as a young child, and many more awakenings throughout various traumatic experiences as an adult, finding tremendous transformation through yoga and in meeting Billy Barefoot Yogi, discovering a healing experience through a brief period of adultwork, and ultimately finding a platform through yoga to reach people in all areas of life---because all people need healing, transformation, and love.

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